About Us

KR8TIV COLLECTION is among the leading jewelry and diamond companies in the world.

We deal in excellently designed jewelry pieces and diamonds.

The founder of the enterprise, Alon Barak, is the sole designer of the jewelry.

He has been in the business for more than 20 years and, therefore,

has an excellent grasp of what it means to lead the industry in designs

and manufacturing. His expertise in the business has led him create a successful

brand that he has expanded and grown in several countries all over the world. 

The company deals in conflict-free and Kimberly processed diamonds and its

founder Alon Barak travels all over the world in search of the best pieces with

which to create his worldly recognized works of perfection. 

Although the company has various physical stores all over the world, it also

operates an online store that also offers the customers a similar shopping

experience as one in a physical shop. 

One of the best features of the KR8TIV Collection website is its high-resolution feature that enables customers to view the jewelry they pick. The technology allows the customer to analyze the product’s 4Cs. These include Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. 

Our willingness to open our products to such scrutiny can only attest to our trust and believe in their quality, immense beauty and value.

KR8TIV COLLECTION is a household name all over the world, and we serve all sorts of clients from the most humble to the wealthiest. The company carries a variety of jewelry from the smallest to the most expensive pieces, with the most expensive one carrying a price tag of $50,000,000. 

We are guided by ideals of Honor, Quality, Desire, and Passion; these have led the company to become listed as among the most successful in the world. 

The company’s motto is –Your Dreams Are My Reality. 

Visit the company’s website at www.kr8tivcollection.com 

We can also be found on Facebook and Instagram under kr8tiv collection.

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United States: +1(424)375-1000

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